Welcome to The Land Of Us. I didn’t really know what I was going to name this page when I started. I just knew I wanted it to be something that I could grow with and that would be welcoming to all who found my content interesting. I also didn’t want the name to lock me and my family into one location. We tend to move around the country a lot. So, as I thought about it, this name just kept coming back to me. It seemed fitting. This blog will document my journey with weight loss, marriage, parenting, diabetes, my love of photography and my personal struggles and victories. I will be sharing a lot of different advice, recipes, and real life stories. I am not a therapist, I am not licensed in any way, and I am not a doctor. The views expressed here are my own, I encourage you all to follow your doctors advice as far as medical things go and if you need help, see a professional. I am just here to share my experiences. We are not perfect, just regular humans trying to make their way in this life. I hope you feel a connection here. I hope you feel welcome and accepted. I pray you are encouraged. This “Land” is for YOU and ME.


Enid Jones

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