Back To Our Roots

The age of our planet is always up for debate. No one alive today was actually alive to witness anything, so there will always be theories and stories to tell. But, one thing that is for certain—as far as mankind can trace humanity, humans have always learned though curiosity, necessity, and ingenuity. Some times we are driven by the wonder of something. Other times, we are driven by our need. Lastly, some just want to make things more efficient or just create something new.

I have felt for a long time, that todays schools have supressed those natural human instincts. Everything is structured, often with a pre-determined agenda, to mold generations into a certain mold. I don’t believe that we where meant to sit in a room with  10-30 of our peers for 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week. For some, it really is too much. It takes a toll on our imaginations, which I believe to be crucial to our drive for life.

I saw both of my children loose their drives for learning in general when they where attending what some would consider “traditional schools.” Neither of them wanted to read for pleasure. Neither of them wanted to go to a museum, or art studio, or just explore the outdoors. They where burnt out. On top of that, my son was bullied at all 3 schools we tried. He’s not the typical boy. He’s not a football player or baseball player. He’s not into basketball or wrestling. He’s a thinker. He likes to figure things out and do complicated math problems. He likes to just sit along the river and think. He enjoys video and computer games. He does not sit still when he thinks or works either. He has to tap, wiggle, fidget….you know….all those things that drive a teacher crazy all day long! He just didn’t fit the mold. My daughter could thrive in any place. She is athletic, artistic, creative and social. She really takes off when she is free to chase her own questions.

Homeschooling was a scary leap of faith for me. I was homeschooled over my summer vacations as a young child by my mom. She would always spend time with us over the summer, so that we would start the new year ahead. But, I went to school all my life. Homeschooling full time was going to be a huge adventure. Fortunately, I had some amazing people take me under their wing. We have been happily homeschooling for a total of 3 years. We’ve done full curriculums and unschooling. We currently do a little bit of “paper work” and unschooling. The way we do school is just a natural extension of how we live life. I look forward to sharing our journey through this some what controversial life choice with you. I don’t want anyone to feel “Less than” while reading our story. If you can’t homeschool but wish you could, read on and dream. You may see that this life could be in reach for you. If you are a working Mom, you too are doing a great job and love your babies just as much as us SAHM’s. If you are a SAHM and you send your babies to school, that is fantastic! This is not a competition. This is about doing what is best for our families, and about what we can do with what we have. Our homeschool journey is not always pretty but it is wonderful. I don’t regret a single day. If you are in the trenches or considering the leap of faith or just flat out curious…this space is for you!

Feel free to leave questions or comment below of things you would like to see covered in this section of “The Land Of Us.” I would just encourage everyone to be kind, understanding and open minded. If you decide to be rude, I will have to delete you comments.


Enid Jones

*Here is a picture of the kids panning for Gold. Yes, real Gold. Did you know there was a Texas Gold Rush? There was! And yes, we found some specs of real Gold this day. Exciting History and science lessons!





New Me

I have lived as a Texan for Seven Months as of today! That seems so crazy. I still feel like such a newbie. I still get lost almost every time I go into Austin. I still find myself asking “WHY?!” when I run into traffic (you can laugh….Im ok with it.) I still have this conflict of wanting to eat fried chicken or tacos again—tacos wins. I must say, that I am finally learning some back roads. I am finding some of my drives comforting. Like, they’re home. The sun sets make my eyes tear up again because “Thats what the sunset looks like where I live” and I get this sense of pride for the land God has given to me. I have made some new friends that challenge me, inspire me and love me. I am slowly being made new and I am starting to like it.

Another new….

Today was my fitness test day. Which means, I compare my measurements from today with those of day 1 in September of 2016. I compare how many sprawls (the devils idea, I am sure), wall squats, superwoman’s, and about 6 other torturous things I can do today,  with what I could do when I first started. I was mostly pleased! You wanna know what I got? TEN PERCENT body fat GONE since September of 2016! Six months of my butt getting handed to me over and over! You want to know where most of that fat melted from? My boobs.

Let that sink in a little…..

Yup, you read that correctly. I said BOOBS! Just kidding though…kind of. I did loose a lot of my boobs guys.

Mourn with me a little….😢

But, I also lost good amounts all around. Cool right?! I can always add more boobs! I can’t add health to my life. For that, I am thankful. Im not saying I’m going to get boobs you guys! I’m just saying its a possibility.

Every New Year I hear people saying “New Year, New Me!” I never really felt like I got a “New me.” This year, however, I do feel new. I am a new person. I am a Texan, I am healthier, I am living life like I have never lived before. I am taking steps of faith, real faith and trusting God with the outcome. He has never left me hopeless or wanting. I am going to share some new pictures with you. The numbers are in! Time for a new “Photo Shoot.” Same swimsuit as before, same place as before, still not model material but totally me. The new me. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

Be brave friends and enjoy this glimpse into our new Tribe!


-Enid Jones





In The Beginning

Ok, it’s about to get real up here people! I went back and forth with posting this. It’s really personal and I am putting myself out there! If there is a chance that someone will feel inspired and motivated, then I decided it’s worth it.

Weight loss has been a struggle my whole life. Since I was old enough to understand english and what doctors where saying, I have been told that I am over weight. I grew up hating my body. I tried to lose weight all through my Jr. High and High School years. I was athletic, but I was never “Skinny” or as “Beautiful” as my peers. I would go days without eating (I know its sad!) and then when I would eat, I would only allow myself a single pop and a single snack size bag of chips! Crazy, I know! But, I just didn’t know any better.

Then in my adult life, I decided I was going to try and lose the weight again. But, I was going to be “Healthy” about it. Again, I had no idea and I was not diabetic yet. Looking back the only healthy thing I did was buy actual butter and go for a long walk every now and then. Ridiculous!

Then I got married and pregnant. This is where Diabetes made its debut into my life. About 5 months into my pregnancy, I found out I was diabetic. I was shocked but not totally surprised. I had heard, on and off my whole life that if I didn’t “Take care of myself” that this would happen eventually. Now it was here. I tried to manage it but it was easier said than done. Long story short, I had a healthy baby boy 2 weeks early, then got pregnant again 4 months later. Diabetes was there to congratulate me and I gained a ton of weight! After my daughter was born I battled post postpartum depression. It took me months and in some ways years, to gather myself together again. I did it! But only with the help of doctors, family and friends.

After all that mess, I finally decided I needed to accept my body and myself. I needed to learn to LOVE myself just as I was. I was loved after all. I had a good life. So, I started that journey. I came to a point where I felt “content” with my body. Except on Black Friday, when I would meet my nemesis, the Kohl’s store mirrors! Ha!

If I was really honest with myself, which I wasn’t, I would have seen, that I was just brushing my deep seeded issue under the rug. I needed to lose the weight, but in the most loving way. I needed to do it BECAUSE I loved me. I needed to do it because I LOVED my family and wanted to live as long as possible, as far as I could control. I came to THAT point recently. I decided I was going to take the plunge and invest in my health. For me, for the love of me, for the love of my family. For the Glory of God, I wanted to get in the BEST shape I have ever been in MY WHOLE LIFE!

So, here I am. Four months in, two fitness challenges under my belt. I am stronger than ever. I am slowly making progress. How much weight have I lost? Well, not much according the scale. But, if you want to touch my thigh as I just casually stand, you will quickly realize, I could send you to the ground in one swift kick! Like a ninja donkey! Ka-pow!

Below, I have added a few pictures of me after my first 6 week challenge, back in November of 2016. It’s not the prettiest. I certainly don’t expect to be contacted by any major beauty magazines. But, it’s me. It’s my body. It’s my temple. It’s where my babies where formed. It’s what has carried my soul through this life! So, I do love it. I do feel good in my skin, for once!

Does any of this hit home with you? Do you feel like you’ve been on a weight-loss journey that has been full of ups and downs….more downs? I would love to hear your stories below! Let’s help cheer each other on to victories!

Love, Peace and Victories!