Politically Speaking- In love

I have been listening to lots of podcasts lately.

  • “Missing Richard Simmons”
  • “How I Built This”
  • “Awesome With Alison”
  • “Making Oprah”
  • “This Is Your Brain On Trump”

Just to name a few. If you notice, none of these are religious. As a matter of fact this isn’t even half of what Ive been listening to and its mostly what would be considered “Liberal.” BIG no-no for most of my friends in my close circle. Why would I do that? Because I like to think outside of my box. I want to know the humanity of “The Other Side.” I know that the perceptions of me in the media are so far off, that my perception of those different than me; must also be off.

I am a Christian, I am mostly leaning Conservative (NOT to be confused with Republican), I am first generation Mexican, I am married to a white conservative man (He’s amazing in almost everyday), I am a feminist (but not the Modonna kind of Feminist) and I am Pro-Life. This is just a small list of things that I am.

If I start a conversation with someone that is Liberal with “I am pro-life, Christian, and married to a white man.” They will most likely roll their eyes and assume I am the scum of he earth and also brainwashed! Not true. I am not racist. I am not a fake Mexican. I am not against true freedom of choice! I am also not confused about who I am and what I believe to be true.

What does that mean….well that is for another post. This post is really about something entirely different. Its about perceptions. Its about getting your best points across to the other side without loosing your dignity. Its about communication that builds bridges, not walls (that’s not a hit of disrespect to the President by the way.)

I keep hearing something across all platforms and political brands. That one thing is…..hate. Liberal outlets are blasting, hate. Conservative outlets are blasting, hate. Different sides spreading the same message. They would never want to mingle at a bar together because of their differences; and yet, they speak the same language. I was driving listening to “This Is Your Brain On Trump” and it hit me, they are just bashing. I don’t have a single clue about what GOOD things these liberals are doing. I just know they hate the other side. Then something else hit me, the Liberals don’t know anything about the GOOD things the conservatives are doing either, they just “Know” they hate them. Even worse, is the fact that all the BIG political voices are influencing the masses in the most sickening way. No one knows the humanity on the other side of the titles. No one knows that Liberals are doing some great things in this country, or that Conservatives are doing some great things. No one knows, that we kind of need each other to thrive. If one side over takes the land….the “Eco system” of our laws will be destroyed.

I recently saw a spectacular short video on the effect of Wolves being re-introduced to Yellowstone State Park. You can watch that short video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZ3sBNALbMo

Most would see the wolves as scary, dangerous and overly powerful. But, the reality is that, the park NEEDED the wolves. They created balance. They allowed LIFE to thrive and spread. Because of their presence, so much good could happen.

The same is true of our political lands. If one way of thinking is allowed to push out other ways of thinking, life ends. Our country stops thriving.

Let’s let that sink in………….

It’s not about always being right or about always having our way. It’s about balance. It’s about being willing to give up some of what you think you “Need” and taking a little less than. Settling does not always feel good. Giving up some control is not always easy. Trusting is hard. A country that thrives is like anything else, its a struggle. Muscles are built over time, after much work. Our bodies are better for it and our country is better for it. Use the power of your voices and Social Media outlets to spread the GOOD your side is doing. Do it in a way that does not bash the “Other Side.” Don’t even mention the other side! Just share your why, your how, and speak with love.

I personally want to know why others see things differently. I also want to be heard. I have reasons and stories that have made me who I am. I am not evil. I am not hateful. Get to know me and let me get to know you.

Live well and spread The Love.


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