Weight Loss Journey

I have lived as a Texan for Seven Months as of today! That seems so crazy. I still feel like such a newbie. I still get lost almost every time I go into Austin. I still find myself asking “WHY?!” when I run into traffic (you can laugh….Im ok with it.) I still have this conflict of wanting to eat fried chicken or tacos again—tacos wins. I must say, that I am finally learning some back roads. I am finding some of my drives comforting. Like, they’re home. The sun sets make my eyes tear up again because “Thats what the sunset looks like where I live” and I get this sense of pride for the land God has given to me. I have made some new friends that challenge me, inspire me and love me. I am slowly being made new and I am starting to like it.

Another new….

Today was my fitness test day. Which means, I compare my measurements from today with those of day 1 in September of 2016. I compare how many sprawls (the devils idea, I am sure), wall squats, superwoman’s, and about 6 other torturous things I can do today,  with what I could do when I first started. I was mostly pleased! You wanna know what I got? TEN PERCENT body fat GONE since September of 2016! Six months of my butt getting handed to me over and over! You want to know where most of that fat melted from? My boobs.

Let that sink in a little…..

Yup, you read that correctly. I said BOOBS! Just kidding though…kind of. I did loose a lot of my boobs guys.

Mourn with me a little….😢

But, I also lost good amounts all around. Cool right?! I can always add more boobs! I can’t add health to my life. For that, I am thankful. Im not saying I’m going to get boobs you guys! I’m just saying its a possibility.

Every New Year I hear people saying “New Year, New Me!” I never really felt like I got a “New me.” This year, however, I do feel new. I am a new person. I am a Texan, I am healthier, I am living life like I have never lived before. I am taking steps of faith, real faith and trusting God with the outcome. He has never left me hopeless or wanting. I am going to share some new pictures with you. The numbers are in! Time for a new “Photo Shoot.” Same swimsuit as before, same place as before, still not model material but totally me. The new me. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

Be brave friends and enjoy this glimpse into our new Tribe!


-Enid Jones